Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Genesis Project...Chapter 15...Part 3

   She examined Hodges’ leg and found no signs that the gash had even been there. “I guess you can have him back,” she said to Brackett standing behind her.

   “Okay, you’re back with me, Corporal,” said Brackett.

   Hodges hopped off the examining table. “Thanks, Doc.”

   “Don’t thank me, thank Maia,” replied Kenzie and waved at the two Freelancers as they left the sick bay.

   She looked over at Hunnicutt who had broken open another plant stem and let the sap trickle onto a cut he had on his hand. They both watched as the cut slowly healed over, faded and disappeared. He moved farther up his arm and trickled some sap on an old scar on his forearm. Just like the cut, the scar slowly faded and disappeared.

   “What the hell is this stuff, Doc?” he asked Kenzi.

   Kenzi shook her head. “I don’t know, but I’m going to make sure we have plenty of it.”

   They both turned when Maia walked through the door ahead of Cortez dragging the bag of miracle plants behind her. Kenzie reached up and removed a glass jar from a cabinet above their heads. Maia dropped the bag at their feet.

   “Do you wanna drive or do you wanna fill?” Kenzi asked Hunnicutt and held up the glass jar.

   “Have a good fill, Doc,” said Hunnicutt.

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