Friday, September 7, 2012

The Genesis Project...Chapter 15...Part 2

   The Freelancers followed their young friend as she searched the jungle floor. She stopped under one of the large trees and began pulling up the plants growing at its base.

   “What are you doing, Maia?” asked Cortez.

   Maia ran past them with a handful of plants. Cortez and Brackett jogged after her as she ran from the jungle and into the mobile sick bay. She was handing the plants to Kenzie when they came through the door.

   “What are these, Maia?” asked Kenzie.

   Maia took one of the plants, broke the stem in half and squeezed it. A clear sap ran out of the stem over her hand. “Put this on Corporal Ken’s leg. It will help him.”

   Kenzie broke open the plant stems and smeared the sap over the infected gash on Hodges’ calf. Within minutes, the ugly red pucker of the gash disappeared.

   “Wrap it up,” said Maia, handing Kenzie a roll of gauze.

   “Where did you find these, Maia?” asked Kenzie, holding up one of the plants.

   “They’re all over, they’re everywhere,” replied the young alien.

   Kenzie reached into a drawer and pulled out a large plastic bag. “Can you get me more?”

   “Sure.” Maia grabbed the bag and ran out the door followed by Cortez.

   Kenzie turned to Hodges. “How’s your leg?”

   “It don’t hurt no more.”

   Kenzie unwrapped the bandage on his leg and to her surprise the gash on his leg was gone and so was the swelling. There wasn’t even a scar where the gash had been.

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