Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Genesis Project...Chapter 9...Part 2

     “Don’t be getting’ all misty eyed on me, Max.”.


     “Don’t get all emotional,” explained Miles.

     “I am incapable of emotion,” replied Max.

     “Well, thank goodness for that. Now, what do we have to do to get this destruction sequence going so we can get out of here.”

      Max flipped up the red cover over three switches on the end of the control panel.

     “The first switch activates the system,” said Max, “the second switch activates the countdown clock and the third switch confirms the activation of the system and starts the clock.”

      “How long do we have once you flip the third switch?”

     “Thirty minutes.”

     “That should be plenty of times to get us safely away from here.”  Gordon punched the commlink button.

     “Corporal Hodges, are we ready to go?”

     “All wound up and waitin’ on you, Mister Miles.”

     Gordon turned to the android. “Let’s do this, Max.”

     “You go to the transport, I’ll be right behind you,” said Max.

      Gordon Miles slowly shook his head. “We’re leaving here together, Max. Get on with it.”

      The android flipped the first switch and a red glow encircled the switches. He then flipped the second switch and a similar red glow encircled the countdown clock. Max looked over at Gordon.

     “Do it,” said Miles, nodding toward the final switch.

     Max flipped the final switch and a pulsing red glow enveloped the cockpit.

     “Destruction sequence has been initiated. Thirty minutes to detonation,” announced the computer-generated voice over the intercom.

     “After you, Max,” said Miles, pointing toward the door.

     They hurried to the lift at the end of the pulsing red hallway and rode it down to the cargo bay. They jogged across the empty deck to the open hatch where Corporal Hodges waited for them.

     “Twenty five minutes to detonation.”

     Hodges secured the hatch while Max and Gordon hurried toward the transport’s cockpit.

     “Get us outta here, Max,” said Gordon, buckling his seat belt.

     The android gave the control panel a quick scan, and then backed the transport away from Genesis I. He turned her nose toward their looming destination and pushed the throttle forward sending the transport hurtling away from the sleeper ship.

     Max activated the rear view screen and watched Genesis I disappear behind them. He kept a vigilant watch on the screen until a bright light abruptly appeared on the screen, intensified, and quickly vanished. He didn’t throttle back the transport’s engines until the dissipating shock wave of the detonation gently jostled them as it passed over.

     Miles settled back into his seat and looked over at the android.

     “Take us home, Max.”

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