Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Genesis Project...Chapter 9...Part 1

    Doctor Kenzi Sheppard followed the small cargo mover out of sickbay and stopped at the door to take one last look around to make sure they hadn’t forgotten anything. Satisfied, she had taken everything she needed, she slapped at the light panel and left sick bay for the last time.

     She strolled down the quiet passageway on her way to the cockpit, looking into the empty rooms that not so long ago were full of life. For the past twelve hours cargo movers had crisscrossed through the halls of the sleeper ship taking necessities to the cargo bay for transfer. 

     Opening the door, she stepped into the cockpit where Gordon Miles sat with Max watching the bank of surveillance cameras that gave him a bird’s eye view of the transfer of equipment and supplies from the cargo bay of Genesis I to the transport.

     “They just took the last of the medical supplies,” Kenzi informed the expedition leader.

     “Good, as soon as Corporal Hodges loads his vehicles we’ll be ready to leave,” replied Gordon. “You might as well get aboard, Doctor.”

     “Do we have a place to land?”

     “Yes, Sergeant Brackett called a couple of hours ago. He said he would pop a flare when he sees us.”

     “See you on board, Gordon,” said Kenzi. She turned and walked back through the cockpit hatch.

     When the doctor closed the door behind her, the android pilot held out his hand to Miles. “It has been a pleasure getting to work with you, Mister Miles.”

     “What are you talking about, Max?”

     “I am to remain on board and initiate the destruction sequence when the transport is a safe distance away.”

     “No, you are not. You’re coming with us?”


     “You’ve piloted this ship for fifty years to get us here. You’re coming with us.”
     When the android started to object, Gordon Miles held up his hand.  “I’ll not argue with you, Max. If I have to hit your kill switch, shut you down and carry you to the transport, that’s what I’ll do. You’ve earned this as much or more than anyone here.”

      Gordon stared at Max and smiled as the android’s ever present, quirky smile seemed more pronounced than usual..

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