Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Genesis Project...Chapter 11...Part 1

     Gordon Miles sought out Mike Brackett when the last vehicle glided down the cargo bay ramp late the next morning. He waited nearby while the sergeant directed the final vehicle into its spot in the convoy.

     “We’re ready to go when you are, Mister Miles,” said Brackett.

     Miles looked down the line of vehicles gently floating over the sea of grass. “You can get the convoy moving, Sergeant, Max and I will take care of the last minute details.”

     “I’ll leave Billy and the trail vehicle for you since you’ll probably have to scoot in a hurry,” replied Brackett.

     Miles waved at Brackett in acknowledgement and returned to the transport where Max waited at the top of the ramp. The sergeant hurried to the front of the convoy and slid into the driver’s seat of the battle car where Charlie Two Sons, sitting in the passenger seat, and Corporal Hodges, standing behind the big gun, waited. He punched the four number code into the control panel. The slight vibration of the battle car dissipated as the fans wound up from a groan to a whine and settled into a soft hum.

     “Ready to go?” asked Brackett.

     “Onward and upward,” replied Hodges. “I know someone famous said that, I just don’t know who.”

     Mike Brackett chuckled as he throttled the battle car forward, setting the convoy into motion. The command vehicle, the biggest in the convoy, fell into line behind Brackett followed by Doc Hunnicutt driving Doctor Sheppard’s mobile sick bay. The project’s supply vehicle came next with Renita Cortez driving the Freelancer’s war wagon bringing up the rear.

     Billy Gilroy drummed on the steering wheel of the trail vehicle humming a tune, while he waited for Gordon Miles and Max to return. He looked over at the android when he slid into the passenger’s seat and the expedition’s leader vaulted into the seat in the bed of the vehicle.

     “Make haste, Mister Gilroy,” said Miles, buckling his seat belt.

     Gordon grabbed for the roll bar above his head when Billy slammed the throttle forward sending the trail vehicle scooting across the field of grass. The rear of the war wagon was in sight when he looked behind them to see the bright flash just before hearing the thunderous explosion.

     “You two are getting pretty good at this,” joked Billy. “Maybe, I’ll talk to Sarge about signin’ you up as demolition experts.”

     He throttled back the trail vehicle as they closed in on the war wagon and fell in line at the rear of the convoy.

     “That was a most exhilarating ride,” exclaimed Max. Billy looked over at the android and smiled.

     “Got our two demolition experts back safe and sound, Sarge,” said Billy, pressing the mic to his throat.

     “Copy that, Billy,” replied Brackett.

     Billy Gilroy shifted in his seat. “Might as well get comfortable, boys, and enjoy the view. It’s definitely different from what you’re used to.”

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