Monday, July 30, 2012

The Genesis Project...Chapter 3


     Kenzi walked into the cockpit of Genesis I ahead of  Gordon Miles and her eyes widened as she marveled at the bright shades of azure, green and brown that swirled around the sphere slowly looming larger in the view port. Gordon stepped around her and slid into the co-pilot’s chair.

     “C1789,” said Miles, “our new home.” He looked over his shoulder at Kenzi and smiled.

     The doctor, sensing eyes on her, broke her trance and looked back at Gordon. “Sorry,” she said, “I don’t normally get this view.”

     “It is quite amazing, isn’t it?” replied Gordon. He turned toward the android pilot. “How long before you can put us in orbit, Max?”

     “We’ll be close enough in about five hours.”

     “I have to go see, Sergeant Brackett,” said Gordon, rising from his seat. “Doctor, you’re welcome to sit here if you’d like to enjoy the view a while longer.”

     “Thank you, Gordon, that would be nice, that is, if Max doesn’t mind.”

     The android looked over at Kenzi. “You are quite welcome to stay if you wish, Doctor Sheppard.”

     Gordon Miles stepped from the cockpit and made the short walk to the pod room where the Freelancers had taken up residence.  He found them congregated around the tables set up in back of the room. Private Billy Gilroy, sitting across from Mike Brackett, nudged the sergeant and nodded toward the hatch. Brackett, who had his back to Gordon, rose from the table and turned to meet the leader of the expedition.

     “I was just coming to see you,” said Brackett, when Gordon reached the group.

     “We’ll be achieving orbit in about five hours and I’d like you to send a scout team to the surface,” said Gordon.

     Brackett nodded. “We’ll be ready. You can find us in the cargo bay getting our equipment together when you need us.”

     Doctor Kenzi Sheppard was still in co-pilot’s seat when Gordon returned to the cockpit. “So, what do you think, Doctor? Have you decided if you want to live there or not?” he asked.

     Kenzi chuckled. “You’re about fifty years too late asking me that question, but considering the alternative, I think I’ll stay,” she said, rising from her seat. “Now, being we’ve arrived, I have work to do.”

     She stepped from the cockpit and made her way down the hallway where two of the freelancers sat waiting for her in sickbay. They both stood when she came through the hatch.

     “Howdy, Ma’am,” said the obviously younger of the two, “I’m Doc Hunnicutt and this here is Corporal Hodges. We come to get the Major.”

     “You’re a doctor?” asked Kenzi.

     “No, Ma’am, I’m the medic.”

     “And a fine one he is too, Ma’am,” said Hodges.

     “Yeah, I’m like their credit card. You know, they can’t leave home without me,” replied Hunnicutt, getting a playful shove from Hodges.

     Kenzi pointed to the gurney with the black body bag. “When I found out he was going with you, I made sure he wasn’t going to become a problem, if you know what I mean.”

     “Thank you, Ma’am. I know we’ll all appreciate that before we find him a place to rest,” said Hunnicutt. The two men gave her a wave as they maneuvered the gurney out of sickbay.

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