Friday, December 2, 2011

Why Do I Write?

  I get the question posed to me periodically "Why Do You Write?" and more specifically "Why Do You Write Westerns?"  I got a comment today on one of the western short stories I have posted on one of the many writer's sites I belong to.  It said:

"Louis Lamour would be proud, Larry, although he might be a wee bit jealous. You see, I think, and having been a truck driver for many years I've read of his, you blend your heavy, yet effective dialogue with a more defined narrative. I say this because yours is more efficient. Pure and simple. There wasn't a single paragraph of narrative that exceeded four lines in Hangman's Noose. This was just crisp classic western writing...period!

Right down to the names of the characters in Hangman's Noose, I felt I was reading authentic western writing at it's best. Reminded me very much of a Chick Beaudry tale, only like I said...a bit faster. You built up to the climax of the story with incredible skill, leaving the reader not only guessing, but no doubt calculating as well.

This is excellent work. Would make a great audio book type thing for truck drivers, whom we know are great admirers of vintage western stories.

All I could do was click the six star button on this stuff. It's publishable, it's well-written and very entertaining. Thanks for the story. I enjoyed it very much and am off to read the next one."

This comment answers the question of "Why Do I Write?"