Saturday, April 2, 2011

Favorite Story Of The Month

  I've just found out that my western fiction short story, AND HELL CAME WITH HIM, has been voted Favorite Story Of The Month by the readers of the western fiction webzine, Frontier Tales. The story appeared in the April 2010 issue, but, at that time, the webzine didn't have a reader's poll. With the growth of the readership, Frontier Tales started a poll for the readers to vote on their favorite story for the month. Along with the current stories, they've been voting on stories from pre-poll issues.
  This is extremely satisfying for me since I personally consider AND HELL CAME WITH HIM my best story and is my personal favorite. I have another, HANGMAN'S NOOSE, coming up for a vote in a month or two. Could lightning strike twice?
   If you haven't read AND HELL CAME WITH HIM, it's posted on here in 5 parts. If you want, you can read both stories at and click on Author Info.


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