Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hangman's Noose...Epilogue

Emil Dessler brought the stagecoach thundering down the street as the four lawmen stepped out onto the boardwalk from the Marshal’s office.

“Maybe you boys can get your town back to normal now,” said Hickman, as he and Grimes shook hands with first, Cooper Smith, then Otis Fuller.

With the much talked about event of the previous day finally over, the once crowded street was finally returning to its normal routine.

“Make sure you let Judge Becker know what a grand time we’ve had around here over the past week,” said Otis Fuller, watching Hickman and Grimes unhitch and mount their horses.

“We’ll surely do that,” said Early Grimes, waving as he and Roy Hickman turned their mounts and rode out of town.

Harlan Hancock, stood outside the stage depot, watching Emil Dessler load the luggage when Cooper and Otis stepped onto the platform.

“Hear you boys had a little excitement, yestiddy. Sorry, I missed it,” said Dessler, sending a stream of tobacco onto the street.

“Yeah, it just made our day, Emil,” said Otis, as the grizzled stage driver buckled up the luggage boot.

Harlan Hancock walked up to the two lawmen.  “Gentlemen, it has definitely been an experience,” he said, tipping his derby. Turning, he stepped up into the stagecoach.

Emil Dessler climbed atop the stagecoach, threading the ribbons through his fingers. Cursing the horses and slapping the reins, Dessler started the stage forward, rocking on its thoroughbraces.

Looking out the window as they passed the cemetery on the edge of town, Hancock saw the five fresh graves. Leaning back in his seat, he tipped his derby over his eyes.

                                                             THE END

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