Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not So Long Ago

  I have always been told people come into your life for a reason. Some for a short time and some become life long friends.
  Not so long ago, when I was starting to doubt myself and finding the time to write was not as important as it used to be, I met a young writer. She was very good at what she did, but only a small circle of friends ever got the chance to see it, because she wasn't sure how people she didn't know would react to it.
  We started to talk about writing and what it takes to succeed. Then, one day I said to myself, "What a hypocrite! Here you are thinking about quitting and you're trying to tell someone else what it takes to succeed."
  The writing passion that had gone from a bonfire to an ember flickered back to life. The more I talked with her the bigger the fire got until it was a raging bonfire again and finding time to write became important once more.
  Since then, I've contracted with a publisher and now she's putting her work out there for the world to see and critique. Maybe, even win a contest or two. Getting published isn't out of the question either.
  So, never take a chance meeting for granted. Like they say, Some things happens for a reason.

                                                                                            Larry Payne 

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